We gave them our power and we let them divide us instead of figuring out a way that we could love each other, and we let them take away our local voices and now we feel we have none.

No power and no voice.

We let the big corporations gobble up all the little ones and all of the information is controlled from the same sources. We are glued to media for the next breaking story. We are a people in crisis and easily led.

What to do?


the power of local leadership and local news sources. Our state legislators have more power than we know and sometimes more than they know. Call upon them, support them. Pay attention to foreign news reports that sometimes have more insight and truth then we are allowed to see. Investigate back stories and smaller sources. Start listening to each other and sometimes believe each other -at least to the point we will inquire. Listen to the story of your opposition to learn from what they know and decide for yourself. Turn off main stream.

Get Involved…

When you see governments misbehaving or police force misbehaving, or citizens being accosted or killed, get involved. Now is not the time to be silent and complicit, remember, they work for you. Now is the time to listen to your own conscience and trust your brother in the street, not rise against him. The people to distrust are the ones that wish to incite you to violence.

America was born out of a spirit of freedom, truth, and love, these will be the only things that save us. Let’s return to ourselves and be one American people.