Dear Fear-Based American Political System,

We will not fear you. Whether we have a fair election or we do not, we will remain a sovereign people. We will work together as a people to resolve our differences. We will ensure that our most high and honorable office of Presidency is valid, and that whomever is elected will represent the entirety of American citizens. That each and every citizen be protected, regardless of race, religion, gender, creed, or other preferences. Should any President or it’s Congress decide otherwise, we will make the choice as a people and hold them accountable for their positions.

As individuals, we will love and protect one another even when we do not agree or understand the choices of others. We will respect that each other has protected space, support for equality, and freedom to use their voice in a peaceful, but maybe loud, manner.

Oh, dear elitist leaders, you try to divide us in order to conquer us and determine our fate. You capitalize on our differences and highlight the extremes. We have already grown tired of your attempts to incite violence and hatred. We will NOT allow it. We will LOVE each other whether liberal or conservative or anywhere on the spectrum. We will figure it out, we will stand down, we will dialogue, we will learn.

Above all, we will trust, and we will grow. We will teach our children to do the same so that we have a continued prosperous and beautiful America.

Don’t doubt us, not for a second. We have survived greater turmoil than this 💗 #soverignamerica