With my background in politics, I tend to view the world through a political lens. It has been interesting to learn the true science behind global climate change, in lieu of media rhetoric, and therefore value my experience in this class, immensely. Thanks to all of you for sharing your brilliant insights and fighting for good and right things!

Regarding the TPP, I feel very sad for Americans as many are disheartened over the sharp turn our country has taken over the past few decades, toward corporate sponsorship. Even (some of) those that voted for our current administration are bewildered at the rampant Executive Orders being issued to take over resources such as land, water, and more. Our complicit media has ignored the implications of these measures and remains covering “pop” news, instead.  What we are witnessing is the conversation of a Democratic Republic, to a corporatist (I will refrain from saying fascist-as it does not strictly apply) society.

In my humble opinion, the TPP is the final key that will lock America into a global economy, that will change the face and the nature of “who” we are, forever. If for no other reason (yet there are many), I weep for loss of our sovereignty. Our world has become a survival of the fittest, and in these terms, fittest means richest.  Our leaders are on the side of great wealth and (on both sides of the aisle) cave to the best interest of their family, friends, and colleagues.  If the TPP is good for American (citizens) our leadership would not be compelled to push for Fast Track authority, as is now successfully accomplished. Typically, it is when leaders fear the backlash of civilians, and subsequent waiver of the congress on particular measures, that they will push for FT.

Not only have I heard negative remarks about the environmental regulations (or lack thereof), but also I have heard frightful things about how this will effect our domestic social policy, labor laws, and more. For this reason, I believe the Pentagon is also involved, to ensure that they have control over the civilian populations when unrest over these changes occur. This might be a little conspiracy theorist of me, but I am not alone in this regard.