Here is some TRUTH about water consumption: While campaigns are waged by government to tell you to conserve water for your showers and car washes; it takes 660 gallons of water to make ONE 1/4lb hamburger. Meanwhile, water for people and small farms are cut off and rerouted to corporate farms producing soybeans for livestock food. The PROBLEM is not human use/consumption, it is BIG agra and their practicies. The LIE being marketed to you, is to get you to give up more of YOUR water, to THEM. Remember, your choices= $$ for someone. Take a long shower, wash your car, and buy locally grown livestock and produce. Moreover, push for massive reform for BIG AGRA to reform their practices to more sustainable processes. See video below. (Source, Dr. Richard Oppenlander, Tufts University Environmental Researcher & Dr. Tim Wieskel, Rhodes Scholar, Environmental Justice Harvard University)